New York Stimmy: Sensory Overload and Public Stimming

I – Love New YORK!!!! Stimtastic!

The Artism Spectrum

newyorkstimmyFULL Old drawing from 2010 done during my first visit to NYC. Pencil, digital color.

New York City has been exposure therapy for me in every way.

When I first moved here, I took my hometown mentality with me. I was embarrassed of my stims, convinced other people would notice, stare, and ~think things~ about me. As though that mattered.

But the city is essentially one big sensory violation. Eventually, I had to stim to survive, and through trial-by-fire I began to embrace stimming for what it really is: a life-saving coping mechanism.

The first eight months I lived in the city I barely left my apartment.

Everything I’d ever known about coping with overload was turned on its head. Taking a walk to calm down was no longer a viable option. Stepping outside meant stepping out onto a busy street, filled with honking cars, bustling crowds, and the smells of garbage…

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