The value of experience

I follow Nick Walker, public speaker, autistic adult. He receives invitations to “educate” others about autism.

Often, autistic adults are expected to “share their knowledge” for free.  But looking at people with paid speaking gigs at conventions, symposiums, etc., many non-autistic speakers get PAID to “share their knowledge”.

If you are a speaker, if you are educating, you deserve compensation – transport/food/time, at least.

Nick shared this for those who need it:

From my responses to today’s emails:
“Thank you for this invitation. I would most definitely be interested in speaking to the students in your program at some point. However, I would need to ask for a higher honorarium than the one you quoted, because of my extremely busy schedule and the difficulty involved in getting to your campus on public transit. Added to this is the fact that I’m a member of a minority group whose members are customarily undervalued, underpaid, and pressured to educate others about ourselves for little or no pay. As such, I feel a certain obligation to my people to set better precedents by having firm boundaries about the value of my time and labor.”
If you’re a member of a traditionally undervalued group, feel free to steal this and adopt it for your own professional purposes.