Autism Positivity Flashblog

Autism Positivity Flashblog

Be sure to visit the Third Annual Autism Positivity Flashblog, which honors “diverse forms of communication and celebrating Autism Acceptance.”
There are a multitude of contributors from all different walks of life and parts of the spectrum: autistic authors, parents, autistic parents, and friends/family of autistic people. Contributors this year aim to “highlight the importance of flexibility in communication within our diverse community and honour multiple forms of personal expression, from the written word, to art, to photography, or a video (as a link),” etc.
A huge thanks to the creators of the Autism Positivity Flashblog, and to the contributors who share their experiences!

Autism Simulations

Autism Simulations

These were pretty incredible, and overwhelming. Several comments on youtube from autistic individuals confirm that this can be exactly what it’s like with sensory issues. I wasn’t able to watch them at full volume so as not to disturb others, but even without full volume several of the simulations were overwhelming. Hopefully these simulations, put together by autistic individuals, will help people who love/care for autistic friends/family members to understand the challenges of every-day experiences. If we understand, we can help.

A Living Amends & the Ripple Effect

A great attitude for any parent; and an inspiration to do one little thing that reaches out to make a difference for someone. “each one of us can and does make change happen one person at a time.”

Emma's Hope Book

Last night I was on Marc Rosen, Nick Hale and James P. Wagner’s blog talk radio show Human Potential.  You can listen to the show by clicking on the link provided.  The show focused on “The Importance of Allies.”  I was really honored to have been asked on the show, particularly given my past and the things I once believed about autism and my daughter.  I certainly did not begin this journey as an ally and so it is with a great deal of gratitude that there are those who think of me as one now.

One of the things I forgot to mention last night as we talked, was this idea I’ve had ever since that day when I found Julia Bascom’s blog, Just Stimming, and specifically her post “The Obsessive Joy of Autism.”  It’s an idea I’ve tried hard to put into practice these past…

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m, the pathology of difference, and a frog

“We have to stop calling difference in experience or expression absence of existence.”

a diary of a mom


{image is a photo of a frog, beneath which is the following text: Scientists tested a frog. They cut off its legs and shouted, “Jump!” The frog didn’t jump. The scientists concluded that when frogs lose their legs, they become deaf.}

My friend, M wrote this wonderful post the other day about, ya know, being M. I love his writing. I always have. It’s just, well, it’s M. But this post pissed me off. Yup, I said it. Not at him, mind you. Even after some six years of friendship, I don’t think I’ve ever been even mildly miffed at him. He’s just too awesome. But part of the post made me feel, as I said to him in the comments, growly. Which you might say isn’t really an emotional state, per se. I would beg to differ. And yeah, that matters.

This is what M wrote:

One time a psychologist told me that when…

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