I Was One of the Scary Kids

This is such a powerful post, and something everyone who works with children, especially special needs children should read. Parents too, because we don’t KNOW what our children are feeling, special needs or not.
What’s really scary? The stigma we apply to people who need help, ESPECIALLY children.

Cracked Mirror in Shalott

Content note: ableism, stigmatization of Autistics and other PWDs, the Sandy Hook shooting

I didn’t want to write about the shootings at all. I knew a number of people (who I’ll link to throughout this post) and organizationswould be posting and writing, working to counter the inevitable stigma fail that would happen. I even was keeping to commenting on the links of people I care about, people who I know and who I want to have these sorts of discussions with. Then, it happened. I’ll leave the critiques of the post gawker promoted toothers, but I feel obligated to make a comment about some of the assumptions it is based on and promotes.

That comment starts with a declaration: I was one of those scary kids.

It’s not some great proud thing to say. It’s a truth, a truth that when I reveal it makes people…

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Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind

Children don’t stay children forever – they grow up. Autistic children don’t stay children forever – regardless of the fact that only recently has there begun to be awareness of autistic adults by the greater non-autistic population. How do we chance our perspectives in order to free our minds of fear about our children being independent, and rather look for ways to make it so?

Regular Lives for Families with Children with Disabilities

Regular Lives for Families with Children with Disabilities

I couldn’t love this more!

“A medical diagnosis is NOT the defining characteristic of a person.”

Medical facts are important and necessary in order to get the best care possible. BUT – making PREDICTIONS about what a person will accomplish in their lives when that person is a CHILD, is irresponsible. NO one could have predicted where Temple Grandin – who didn’t speak till she was FOUR YEARS OLD – would be today looking at her when she was 3.

Get your child what they need to be their best selves, but at the same time, let your child be a child.

A reporters guide to the Autism Speaks debacle

A reporters guide to the Autism Speaks debacle

Knowledge, support, awareness, acceptance, and understanding are hugely important to the autistic community and to those who love them. Sadly, there’s a disconnect between the Corporate echilon of Autism speaks, those who work hard “on the ground” to help those who need it, and many in the autistic community – most notably autistic adults, which is what autistic children will become. This article is a quick, basic description of the issues at hand. Please visit The Golden Hat Foundation as an alternative, if you are looking for an autism non-profit to support.

Why I Will Not Finish Writing My Book

This just sucks large. There’s no other way to put it. I read this book and it was wonderful. I don’t even know what to say about this. I don’t know enough about SSI, disability, etc., but honestly why can’t we figure out how to SUPPORT people in this situation instead of cutting them off at the knees?