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“Every human being deserves a way to communicate. And I believe – truly, down to my toes believe, that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, can.”

a diary of a mom

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{image is a photo of Brooke standing on Luau’s shoulders on the beach in Newport, RI. She looks as though she is flying. Photo courtesy of Connerton Photography’s magic lens. All rights reserved.}

During the talk, Dr Draper asked a ten year-old girl to come to the stage. She asked her her name. The girl said her name was Alex. She asked her to get up and walk around in a circle. She did. She asked her to do some simple addition. She did.

“Clearly,” Dr Draper said to the crowd, “Alex is very bright.”

And then she whispered some instructions to Alex. She told her that she was now unable to move on her own or speak. She folded her arms and her legs in front of her, as Melody’s would have been.

She asked her her name. Alex smiled up at her in response. Dr Draper…

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a diary of a mom


{image is a fist raised in protest, solidarity}

Years ago, a colleague of mine told me that I was the least judgmental person she’d ever met. I laughed. Hard. I told her that she really needed to get out more. She said, “No, really. You are.” I secretly took pride in her words.

I have spent a lifetime trying not to judge others. Trying to be open to their perspectives and belief systems no matter how far afield they might be from mine.

But there is a time to judge.

A place that demands that we judge.

This is it.

Last week, I held my breath as I watched the video of Baltimore ravens running back Ray Rice punching his wife in the face, then dragging her limp body out of an Atlantic City elevator, kicking her legs into place when they didn’t comply.

I judged him.

I did not…

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selfish diplomacy

Tons of awesome sauce on this one!

a diary of a mom

Note: I ran out of time and the following is unedited. Good luck. 

1973 Godspell Sheep goats

{image is one of Brooke’s favorite scenes from Godspell, in which Jesus has divided the cast into sheep and goats. These are the goats.}

Someone recently asked me if I’d be willing to chat about diplomacy. Apparently, she thinks I’m diplomatic.

It’s funny; I have a friend who is an actual diplomat. Even though it’s a pretty amazing job, I’m pretty convinced that I’d rather chew glass than do what he does.

But when I told him that once, he laughed and said, “You do it every day, my dear.”

I had to admit he was right.

But my diplomacy is selfish.

You see, I want to talk to people. I want to learn stuff. I want to get better at this whole life-living thing. I want to convince other people to talk. And to learn stuff…

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