of bullies and the presumption of competence

If we choose to brush by a hard thing because we choose to believe others aren’t aware, what does that really say about us. Presume competence – do the hard, right thing.

a diary of a mom

My friends,

I am so grateful for your love and support for my girl yesterday. I tried to read all of your comments – all 741 of them as of this morning – but eventually it was just more than I could manage, both logistically and emotionally.

I agree whole-heartedly with so much of what you said, first and foremost that as parents we need to not just talk to our kids about acceptance but model it. I was particularly touched by the Muslim mom who pointed out the hypocrisy of so many non-Muslim parents who kick and scream for acceptance for their autistic or otherwise disabled or different kids and then ostracize her son because of his religion. If we are outraged by what we are perpetrating only when it lands on our own laps, we are desperately missing the mark.

But there was something else in the comments…

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