You shall not pass!

Making Choices and being true

Autism and Expectations

I’ve been thinking a lot about the invisibility of autistic adults.

We see a lot of focus on autistic children, and getting them to adulthood with the skills they will need. And about parents of autistic children, and what they should do, and how they can be supported.

These things are important.

But it seems less fun, and less cause-worthy to talk about the adults with autism who are just getting on with it.

Many of us learn how to pass for normal. Some of us have jobs and relationships and our own homes. Many of us learned and followed the rules expertly.

We put the same effort into passing for normal as we do any of our hobbies.

And what reward to we get? Do we get to be normal? Do we get some ultimate joy out of pretending to be a neurotypical and keeping our inner-selves suppressed and…

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