twenty minutes

a diary of a mom

** A personal note to my dad – just in case you didn’t get my message, please DO NOT read what follows. **

Content warning: Rape / Sexual Assault

For “Emily”

Four years ago, I wrote a post about an event that had changed my life. I wrote it because I felt compelled to do so. Because, given what was happening at the time, I felt that my continued silence would make me actively complicit in perpetuating the culture that had allowed it to happen in the first place … and that had secured my secrecy for as long as it had.

It was a hard post to write, but it was no harder than living with the reverberations of what had happened 23 years earlier. Writing it, saying it out loud after all of that time, wasn’t, truth be told, cleansing nor healing as one might imagine, but it was necessary.

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