attention span

that cynking feeling

At a teacher training workshop I once attended, the facilitator advised that the activities within a lesson should last one minute for each year of age. In other words, those five-year-old kindergarteners could be expected to pay attention for five minutes before I needed to move on to something new.

Yesterday evening at the park, I watched a boy push his younger sister in a bucket swing. She must have been two or three. The older brother began with enthusiasm. “Whee!” he exclaimed with a grin as big as the girl’s.

Yet, as the minutes passed, I could tell he wanted to play with his peers. He slowed the swing to a stop and suggested, “Let’s find Mommy.” The girl jutted her right index finger to the sky and demanded, “Higher!” I watched this happen once, twice, three more times as my son pumped his legs on the swing beside her.

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