Girl on the Run: you do WHAT with Your Guide Dog?

Because, why not?

Life Unscripted

Until this past year, I didn’t consider myself a runner. Before I played goalball, I didn’t consider myself an athlete, either. Growing up, I firmly believe it had little or nothing to do with my blindness, but my interests went in different directions (music and books and learning languages, mostly). But in the way of most schools everywhere, all students – including this bookish, creative blind student were made to do things they aren’t interested in, or even want to do… something I whined about at the time, but am grateful for today. I try not to think about this much, as is the way of most high school memories… but I’m sharing it with you because… well, because I want to.

Grade 8, PE class. The time of year that all the students go for a 3 mile run (the exact distance I’m not quite sure of; the…

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2 thoughts on “Girl on the Run: you do WHAT with Your Guide Dog?

  1. Good morning!
    Just wanted to say a quick thank you for sharing my post. As a blind woman, there are so many restrictions placed on me by society; it gets exhausting fighting that. But deciding on my own that running was something I wanted to do, and do with my guide dog… I figured I would just do it, be smart, be safe, and keep on going… and the results have been incredible both physically and mentally. My bond with my guide dog is stronger than ever; she’s more decisive and confident even when we’re out going shopping or to the bank. We get noticed, too! When I’m out walking around the neighborhood, many neighbors tell me they’ve seen Jenny and I running together, and the only comment I get is “lookin’ good!”
    I don’t need anyone’s permission, forgiveness, or approval to do this; I AM doing it. I am not invincible, but I AM unstoppable. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I’m not sure how I found your blog 🙂 I think it might have been twitter. I mostly do autism advocacy – and there’s a lot of the societal restriction stuff in that arena. Disability awareness and ableism awareness really expands the mind! Your running and doing the “unexpected” is making big ripples 🙂

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