Autism Mom™ reports that she is “part of autism”

We are not our children. Our children are not us. We must do our best by/for them, WITHOUT making it about us.

The Bullshit Fairy

Earlier today, after seeing a post on The Bullshit Fairy’s facebook page, that protests mothers of autistic children taking on their child’s diagnosis as their own and referring to themselves as Autism Moms™; One of these mothers declared that she was entitled to use this name for herself, disregarding how #actuallyautistic people feel.

She began by stating that she doesn’t agree with this perspective of using the term Autism Mom™,  and announced that because her autistic son is part of her,  she is therefore “part of Autism.”

2016-03-30 Autism Mom Troll ss2

After being questioned by other autistic people, she reported she had a stroke a few years ago and “suffered a lot of the same conditions” as her autistic son and said, “So YES, I KNOW what it is like to be autistic without the label.”

I assume the doctors at the hospital where she was treated for stroke were not able to provide her with an autism diagnosis/label at…

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