I changed the name of my blog and this is why you should care

THIS – exactly, exactly this.

Mother of Bones


In case you haven’t noticed, I am trying to be more stealth with using B-man’s real name (and face!) these days. I’m not quite used to this, as it feels really awkward, kind of like “Hi I’m Jenny but people call me J-Wow” awkward. I promise, I have at least a few good reasons for this change, and even a few more good reasons for the other changes to the site.

I noticed, with the help of some super-awesome bloggers, that everything I was doing was wrong.

Wait, wha? (Gimme a sec. I’m still picturing that scene from Jersey Shore.)

I used to have a page with no fewer than 3000 words (maybe more?) dedicated to explaining, in detail, his entire medical history. I included details of his oxygen and BiPAP settings, how many bones he’s broken, and the pièce de résistance: exactly which chromosomes are affected by his microdeletion. I’m surprised…

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