Talking Sense: Nocioception


Never Less Than Everything

What if you were crying in pain and no one would hear you? 

Ethical questions about nocioception and ASD. 


The Second Pathway within the Somatosensory System (touch) is called nocioception.

The word, nocioception, comes from the Latin ‘hurt’ or ‘harm’, and represents the structures and senses in within the body that detect and respond to pain. The sensations of itch, tickle and of temperature are also considered parts of the nocioceptive pathway.

For much of history pain was considered the result of the over-loading of the body’s sensory receptors. However, recent studies show that that this is not the case, and point to the likelihood that pain is a distinct event that involves all of the other senses, including touch. Pain functions primarily to defend and protect the body from potential harm and the experience of pain is now understood to register in specific parts of the brain.


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