We who are not disabled – we need to “check ourselves before we wreck ourselves” and more importantly, before we wreck those we love with our lack of listening and empathy. It’s on us.

a diary of a mom


{image is the iconic depiction of a hand on which is written the mantra of the disability advocacy movement: Nothing about us without us.}

Yesterday, Lydia Brown wrote a searing post about the lack of autistic representation on the Massachusetts Autism Commission. Not only, she tells us, is there only one seat out of 35 held for a member of the constituency that it purports to represent, but the commission has already met – twice – while that seat remained empty.

I’d ask you to read that last sentence again.

What if it were a Commission On Working Mothers? What if 25 of the commissioners were men and 11 were stay-at-home moms whose moms had worked when they were growing up, so they really felt that they had a handle on the issues? And what if those men and stay-at-home moms met as a group not once, but twice, before even appointing a…

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