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a diary of a mom

Brooke and Anna in a picture that Brooke insisted that I take on the way out the door. They are hugging. 

On Saturday night, Brooke had a sleep over at her friend, Anna’s house. When I picked her up on Sunday morning, I told her that we’d be stopping off at the deli to grab some egg sandwiches to bring home with us for breakfast. She said that she’d already eaten and I explained that no one else had yet, so we were still going to stop.

We got to the deli only to find it closed. I looked around, desperate to find something that would work. (Long story, but cooking at home wasn’t an option and we had about fifteen minutes to get home, eat, and get everyone to where they needed to be.)

I spied a bagel shop across the street and figured it was our best bet. I…

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