Why you should talk with nonverbal people

they’re worth talking to

The Least of These


Something that I’ve been learning the hard way as the parent of a child with autism has been that, even when he appears indifferent, William’s desire to be a part of the action is intense.

So I’ve been building constant reminders into my daily life to help me change the habit of assuming he’s not paying attention.

One of the things I did was to post an article to Facebook written by a man with Asperger’s, discussing things that people do that are damaging to people on the spectrum. This post really got me between the eyes.

He talks about the time he visited an autism treatment facility and, though he was in a bad mood and he hates and barely understands small talk, he sat down next to a nonverbal boy and made some small talk with him about the weather.

For most people, small talk can be painful when it doesn’t…

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