Is “Autistic” the New “R” Word?

I pledge to stand up for what’s right.

Never Less Than Everything


Content Warning: contains highly offensive and inappropriate language quoted from social media.

 The “N” word.

The “C” word.

The “R” word.

Our culture is rife with pejoratives.

Lately it seems that every time I sign into Twitter, I am met with several hundred messages that look like this (these are quoted directly from the Twitter steam tonight. I have not included their sources, but the writers should be especially ashamed):

“spell right you autistic sack of cancer”

“Also she tried to slate my looks when she looks like the back end of an autistic donkey with glasses? Like cmon you fat c***, f*** off.”

“why is paypal so autistic?” 

“are you an autistic f***ing idiot to ?” 

The sad reality is that I did not have to look for more than a minute to find these and so many more examples. I will admit that if I am…

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