phone home, part two

So very important, for every child, regardless of neurology.

a diary of a mom

{image is a photo of Brooke on Christmas morning, moments after opening her new phone, using it to take pictures of her Kai-LAN figurines.}

In August of 2014, I wrote a post responding some comments that I’d received on Facebook when I’d referred to the fact that we’d taken Katie’s phone away for three weeks. She was thirteen at the time. In that post, I’d written the following:

To those who, in a wonderfully respectful tangential conversation, expressed concern about the fact that we are not respecting her privacy because we periodically read her texts, emails, Facebook messages etc:

When Katie got the phone, we wrote up a contract detailing how it would (and would not) be used. We signed it and so did she. The understanding was that we would read her texts. We are very cognizant of and respectful of her need for and right to privacy. We are also extremely keen on…

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