A Response to Former Special Ed Teachers Who Want to “Show Affection” to Our Adult Participants.

Really, really, really (one more time) really important.

ACAT: Ala Costa Adult Transition Program

The first thing we teach all of the adult participants in our programs is the importance of personal space. This is a concept which seems clear to me, but it is one which we get a lot of pushback from the community about all the time, particularly when it comes to former teachers and staff hugging our adult clients while they are in program. This is a recent example from an email conversation I had with a former teacher and my response to that conversation:

….” Isn’t it normal for people who have known each for years to exchange affections? I know their work is important, but so is keeping up social relations with people in our lives, past and present?…”

Everyone has a right to their own bodies, the space around their bodies, as well the thoughts, hopes and dreams which come from their bodies. We get to choose who touches…

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