a complex system

What’s inside us all

a diary of a mom


{image is a screenshot of Joy from Inside Out watching Riley’s daily inventory of memories slide down the chute}

Brooke and I settled in to watch Inside Out the other night. Though that may seem like a simple sentence, for my girl, watching a movie is not a simple thing.

For various reasons, movies just don’t tend to work for her. While there have been a couple of exceptions over the years (literally two), even those have recently fallen by the wayside.

Although all the characters of Godspell are still a big part of our lives, not long after Oomahdied, Brooke declared that that we would no longer watch the movie or see the play. The scene when Jesus dies is now more than she can bear.

As for the other movie, The Chipmunks, well, I don’t know, after years and years on a loop, it just stopped seems to…

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