Twice Exceptional : The Classroom

Never Less Than Everything

“The rule to follow when teaching twice-exceptional students is simple. When teaching these students in their areas of strength, offer them the same compacting and differentiation opportunities available to other gifted students. When teaching in their areas of challenge, teach them directly whatever strategies they need to increase their learning success. Never take time away from their strength areas to create more time on their deficiencies” (Winebrenner, 2003, p. 133).

Life Takes Balance

While it would be an absolute fiction to suggest that I am in any way a master at navigating the challenges my son faces in the classroom, I have taken some time reading on the subject and becoming familiar with the things that people more qualified than I recommend. After my last post Twice Exceptional: Counterbalancing the Paradoxical I received quite a few questions and comments. I hope that by continuing the discussion I am in some way…

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