The Best, Most Perfect Metaphor Ever In The History of Ever (or at least in the admittedly short history of this blog)

Love this metaphor. A fun and informative and touching read.

Autism “experts”, please team up with AUTISTIC Experts. Imagine the possibilities!

I Know This Rose Will Open

So it’s like this.

You’re Hawaiian, but you’ve lived in Vermont for twenty years.  It was an involuntary move, but you’ve gotten used to Vermont and the cold winter and you can generally deal.  You’ve learned the culture, the roads, how to deal with the snow, how to dress in layers.  You can appreciate the foliage and the maple syrup. 

And then one day you’re taking a class and the professor is talking about Hawaii, and you’re all excited, because hey! You’re Hawaiian!  It never occurs to you that you might not be considered the foremost expert on Hawaii, because, well, it’s your identity, it’s your community, it is where you were born and raised.

And the professor says, “I hear that is your experience of Hawaii, but do you have any peer-reviewed studies to back it up?”

And a classmate says, “I have been seriously injured by Hawaii.  It’s…

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