Autism moms warrior blogs

Every parent of an autistic child needs to read this. Every person who works with or knows/loves an autistic person needs to read this. Every. Single. One.


I am not going to sit here judging someone on their journey, and I am not going to tell any moms that they can’t express their woes or life challenges.  Often writing down issues and sharing with others provide a vital outlet for both venting and reassurance.  This is human nature, and writing this blog I am doing exactly this too. 

But I have something to say and I want you to listen.  I am not criticising your parenting skills, I am not sugarcoating your difficulties, I am not underestimating how difficult life often is for you.  I respect your right to freedom of speech, and I don’t want you assuming that I am dictating to you how you should run your family or look after your kids.  As you often rightly say, I don’t live in your house, I have no idea of your challenges.  I just want you…

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