The parent trap…

A whole lot of wow, food for thought (and a bit of not safe for work language 😉

Skeletons of Character

While I’m on a roll, this is another thing I get confused about.

There are many, many groups dedicated to supporting parents of autistic kids. Yay for that! I like that people are looking for support, because the exchange of information in this way is how communities are made.

The only downside is that the information being provided, often from health professionals and ‘awareness’ groups, is not stuff that is really designed to respect the rights of autistics, be they children or adults. Anyone who says ‘Oh my, all I have to do is give my kid a bleach enema? Fucking sweet! Easy street!’ is deserving of a decent, um, re-educating, to put it mildly. But it’s not the crackpots and desperate nutters I’m talking about, it’s the rational, slightly freaked out parents that are the majority, and the ones I’d like to talk to.

I was a member of…

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