Do but don’t…

Skeletons of Character

Today I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.

The movement says ‘give us your voice, because your voice is important’, then it doesn’t take it, or edits it, because there’s an agenda no matter where you look.

Can a movement represent everyone within its confines?

Probably not.

Can it try to express everyone’s feels?

Why yes, yes it can, but it doesn’t want to, because RIGHT.

We can bleat about functioning labels (which I agree are shit), or be ignored as an invisible disability, but then we post memes that say we’re NOT disabled, it’s a ‘diffability’. *groan*

And then there’s the memes about ‘be yourself and fuck everyone else!’. Aren’t we trying to educate everyone else? If we tell them to get fucked, I’m thinking they may just think we’re being cunts, because people who want acceptance don’t tend to tell the people they’re trying to…

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