do you believe in your children?

A must read. Our children our not frozen in time. Assuming the future is foolish. Make room for progress, especially when it’s not at the speed considered “normal”. Instead of “I’ll believe it when I see it”, turn that around – You will See it when you Believe.

a diary of a mom

Ever read something, like it, move on, then read it again months later and be absolutely gobsmacked by it?

Ever, upon the second reading, realize that it will take a third and then a fourth, and heck, maybe a fifth because you are so compelled by its message that you have to be absolutely, positively sure that you’re not just reading it but absorbing it, internalizing it, incorporating it into who you are and what you do and how you move forward?

That’s what happened last week when, months after reading it for the first time, I stumbled across Sparrow Rose Jones’s post, Do You Believe In Your Children?

I asked Sparrow if she would consider allowing me to post it here and she kindly obliged. What follows is a post that I implore you to read slowly. And then read again. A post that I hope you’ll digest whole-heartedly without the impediments…

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