Aspergers and Lack Of Awareness of Body Signals

Interoception issues – body/mind disconnect. VERY important to know about re. autism

Aspergers: Through My Eyes

One of my biggest fears is vomiting. I can deal with other peoples vomit but I cannot handle being sick myself. This is one of the reasons why I don’t drink alcohol. I am also paranoid about food poisoning. The reason why I am so terrified of being sick is because of the memory of the last time I was sick. I was thirteen years old and ironically was staying the night at my grandmother’s house to be there in case she needed anything as she lived alone and had just been discharged from hospital following an operation. I had a headache that evening so took some Nurofen before I went to bed. I can only assume that it was a reaction to the Nurofen that led to what happened next as I hadn’t been feeling unwell at all. After being asleep for just over an hour, I woke up…

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