Book Review: Typed Words, Loud Voices (Autonomous Press, 2015)

Barking Sycamores

Typed Words, Loud Voices, (Autonomous Press)

Typed Words, Loud Voices, ed. Amy Sequenzia and Elizabeth J. Grace, Autonomous Press, Fort Worth Texas, 2015.

“I, and many typists like me, decided that we will simply continue to type our words, and making our voices loud, ignoring the naysayers. They don’t know our stories and our individual journeys. I am convinced they don’t care. So they do not matter. The fact that they don’t believe in us does not make our experience less real. Our experiences matter.” – Amy Sequenzia

Defining a person’s voice by their ability or inability to produce verbal speech is limiting. Human communication exists well beyond the realm of speech – and for those who type to communicate either some or all of the time, typed words are a portal through which their thoughts travel to the outside world. The value of these words are in no…

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