The “Help! This autistic kid is aggressive!” Flow Chart

Yay – resources!!

Nature in the City


When I’m contacted for advice concerning an aggressive kid, these are my questions and suggestions. People  often assume I am anti-medication, or that because I hate ABA, I am completely against all behavioral strategies. I am not. Yet I do believe they are last resort options . This picture is cruddy so – here is a  Link to non picture version (uncertain as to how accessible this site is)

Don’t tell me these options cannot be made available, all you’ll get is the unimpressed Scully look.


Reader “Ekie” makes an excellent point in the comments:  “I love this, but I would just add one more box: is the person in pain from something? Before you do psychiatric medications, get a full medical work-up, examine teeth for cavities, x-ray for constipation, etc.”

It’s important to make sure pain/illness isn’t causing added stress/disorientation that can lead to anger/aggression.

I’m going to edit this to add the suggestion, as…

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