Why I’m Marching: Charlotte Ernst

Just because “we” don’t experience it, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Families For Justice

Photo credit: Bella Toso and Meley Akpa Photo credit: Bella Toso and Meley Akpa

Recently, I shared a heartbreaking essay on Facebook that a 13-year old girl had written. She bravely posted about how it feels to be black in America and, more specifically, how it makes her hate herself. This article received 4 likes.

A few hours later, I changed my Facebook profile picture. That received 137 likes.

You might think “It’s not my fault a little girl feels this way. I’m not racist.” Or you make statements like ” I don’t see race, we’re all the same” so you don’t need to be paying attention to what people of color are saying, You’ve got this. “We have a black president, lets move on.” you assert.  So you go on with your life, while America burns.

That’s how it was for me until I married an African American man and we had our 4 children.

If you grew up like…

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