Autism Awareness


Aspergers and Me

So there is a lot of talk about how we need to go beyond autism awareness and into autism acceptance and autism respect. I TOTALLY AGREE with all that. So much. Acceptance is super important.

But then I see people spreading all sorts of misinformation and I realized that being aware that there is a thing called autism does not mean being aware of what autism actually is. I see parents talking about their difficult experiences with their autistic children, and then they cite a bunch of things that are not autism. So here is my quick, messy, off-the-cuff post for autism awareness, talking about what autism is and isn’t.

Autism IS a developmental disability. It involves all sorts of things that are difficult and challenging. When I speak of autism acceptance, I want people to accept that we need help and accommodations, and I want people to work towards…

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Signal boost: Walk in Red for Autism Acceptance & Tone it Down Taupe

I love red – Got my shirt ready for tomorrow! #WalkInRed #RedInstead 🙂


Because I have no idea whether I’ll feel well enough to participate tomorrow. Protest harmful “awareness” by Toning it Down Taupe this April, and rather than Lighting It Up Blue for autism fear-mongering, Walk in Red for Autism Acceptance.

If you have any questions about what either of these are about, please ask on the pages I’ve linked. I normally would be happy to explain, but I am genuinely really, really sick right now and not feeling up to much of anything.

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