zero tolerance for intolerance

What she said!

a diary of a mom



{image is a photo of a woman’s feet on a coffee table next to a teacup. Borrowed from here.}


As many of you know, I have what I like to pithily call a “zero tolerance for intolerance” policy on Diary. That seems to confuse some folks, so I thought it might be helpful to answer some of the specific concerns that pop up any time I mention the policy.


“You’re being a hypocrite. You’re insisting that we be tolerant, but you’re being intolerant.”


So let’s start here. “Zero tolerance for intolerance” was supposed to be a cute little turn of phrase, but apparently the words themselves are problematic. Let me break it down and explain what I mean by it.


When I say I have zero tolerance for intolerance, what I mean is that I will not abide ableism, racism, sexism, discrimination against the LGBT…

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