important things: everybody stims

“We” bite nails, twirl hair, click pen, tap foot, etc. – “they” stim?….. um, no. The separation isn’t real.

Lemon Peel

I wrote this once. I am posting it here because I feel it strongly. Also because it’s important for understanding a lot of misconceptions about results in autism research, and suchness.

People often stim as a self-soothing tactic. It can be something we do because it just makes us calm or happy, but for many people, it’s also stress response. In fact, it’s actually a universal example of a stress response. As in, it is a type of behavior that virtually all humans display when they are under stress–the level of stress they have to be under before they stim, and the way their stims express, just vary a lot.

That’s not all, though. Almost every other animal species I can think of also engages in self-stimulatory behavior in response to stress. It’s a way that an animal can create predictable and coherent patterns in their sensory information, to help…

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