well, I should probably warn ya I’ll be just fine

Just because – Happy 🙂

a diary of a mom

First there was this …

Okay, so, um, this is going to be one really long sentence and I’ll probably ramble and I might repeat myself and I can’t even promise it will make sense, but bear with me, because something just happened and Oh my God I just can’t even, and, well, it started earlier today when I noticed a, well, a notice, whatever, a thing, in an email from Brooke’s principal that mentioned an upcoming musical showcase for which it appeared thatauditions had closed in February but I knew that we hadn’t heard about it, so I wrote to Brooke’s teacher, Ms K (the one Brooke decided not to hate today: see earlier post) to ask if she’d heard about it because I thought it could possibly be something that Brooke would want to do – I mean, I didn’t know for sure, of course, but…

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