Stimming Unpuzzled: A Written Piece by Julia Catherine Mark

Please, please, please read!

The Unpuzzled Project

When I was seven, I spun on the spot. I liked the way it felt.
People called me weird. Teachers told me not to.
So I stopped.
When I was nine, I echoed my teacher. It just kind of happened.
My teacher told me she didn’t need a parrot. She made me cry.
So I stopped.
When I was fourteen, I opened my eyes really wide. It felt nice.
My dad told me not to. He said I might scare my grandparents.
So I stopped.
Now I am nineteen. I have almost stopped stimming.
I have tried to kill myself over fifty times since I was fifteen.
The last time I got so overloaded that I thought about it, I stimmed instead.
It worked. So I’m starting again, and I won’t let anyone tell me not to.
Stimming Saves. Don’t try to stop it.

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