awesome autism research: it exists

Yay science!

Lemon Peel

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now seemed like a good time for me to channel my energy into a constructive outlet such as thissssss. Because like…You guys. Most of the time autism science is “autism” “science” and it’s pathetic, but sometimes autism science is AUTISM SCIENCE and it’s faaaabulous.

FIRST: Laurent Mottron, Michelle Dawson and Co. 

I will openly admit to being obsessed with their friggen’ lab and all the friggen’ research they do ever. I have an entire file compiled of great research they’ve done recently here, but I wanted to directly link to a couple of my favorites:

“Veridical mapping in the development of exceptional autistic abilities”

  • My favorite scientific article ever written concerning autism. Hands down. No holds barred. I can’t talk about this enough. I’ll warn that it’s pretty theoretical, but it’s also fucking right. It explains and backs up…

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