It’s That Time of Year Again….


Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance

by Geek Maker
This post was originally published here.

*Image description: Super cute little girl with blond hair, pink sunglasses and a pink tee shirt that reads ‘Autism Speaks does NOT speak for me’.

We’re rapidly approaching the month of April which means you’ll be seeing people post ‘autism awareness’ images and ‘lighting it up blue’.
You will also see the Autistic community and their allies bitching about it.
See, ‘awareness’ sucks. ‘Awareness’ is prevalence rates and tragedyspeak and ‘we need to find a cure’ crap. It’s a money grab by Autism $peaks and the scarier they can make the ‘awareness’, the more cash will flow into their coffers. And Twizzler Challenges? No.

We’re all about ‘Autism Acceptance’ up in heyah. Acceptance is understanding that it’s not all doom and gloom. That, yes, some times are really rough but many are beautiful and full of joy and that’s what we…

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