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Respect, Patience and Care

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Yesterday, I posted the following on Facebook:


Three years ago when Brooke needed to have a couple of baby teeth pulled, we were told (and agreed) that the only way to do that would be in a hospital, under general anesthesia. That was what we did. Last month, we were told that she needed to have an adult tooth pulled. Her orthodontist referred us to her surgeon. This time, however, things were radically different. Thanks to myriad factors which I swear I’ll get into in detail in a full post tomorrow, we believed that she would be able to do this. We were right. As we left the dentist’s office just now, one tooth lighter, Brooke texted Luau. “I’ve been a rock star,” she wrote. “I am proud of me.”



{image is a photo of Brooke in the waiting area at the dentist’s  office before her appointment.}


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