to the students of my alma mater – thank you

“Light it up blue” doesn’t help autistics. Here’s the why – AND some great, truly helpful ways to support the autistic people in your life!

a diary of a mom

Editor’s note: Lest you think that Diary is becoming the home of the open letter, this one was written by request. My dear friend, Emma (of the fabulous blog, Lemon Peel), wrote to ask for my help. A fellow Smith Alumna, she remains in contact with the Smith Disability Alliance, who have been grappling with this issue on campus. Have megaphone, will travel. 


{the medallion above Smith’s storied — and beautiful — Greycourt Gates}

A letter to the students of Smith College, my alma mater,

I have heard that many of you are urging your fellow students and the college at large to participate in the Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue Campaign this April.

I am so grateful that so many of you want to express support for autistic people like my daughter – that you want to raise awareness of what autism is and how it…

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