A Response to Autism Speaks’ Propaganda Documentary “Sounding the Alarm”

ACAT: Ala Costa Adult Transition Program

Lei Wiley-Mydske and Leah Kelley recently blogged about their reactions to watching and live tweeting Autism Speaks’ documentary: “Sounding the Alarm”, which is now available Netflix. I didn’t think I wanted to torture myself by sitting through an hour of Autism Speaks’ alarmist propaganda, but I did. Lei and Leah both do an excellent job of describing their discomfort with the film and I completely agree with their thoughtful assessments. However, I did find myself fascinated by the propaganda itself. The one big take away from “Sounding the Alarm” is that Autism Speaks exists to serve the interest of Autism Speaks and the egos Bob and Suzanne Wright

The film’s propaganda narrative pivots on two major themes: The first is that Autism is a medical condition [a disease] and second, that it is a disease which is spreading at epidemic rates. From these basic premises the film lays out Autism…

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