autism respect month

a diary of a mom

April is coming.

We all know what that means.

A whole lot of talk about autism.

Some of it constructive.

A lot of it really damn DEstructive.

My dear friend, M, who is autistic, recently wrote:

One of the most common complaints I hear from parents with children on the spectrum is that, when they tell someone “My child has autism”, the person responds with “Oh, I’m so sorry”. Even if the child is standing right there*. It’s an amazingly hurtful, disrespectful thing to say.

I think to some degree, “awareness” months and too many advocacy groups create this problem by only discussing autism in terms of deficits, burdens and loss. They scare people into seeing autism as a boogeyman…and the person on the spectrum being discussed, with all of their feelings and thoughts and complexity…they get lost that rhetoric, discarded.

I know I’ve been looking for messages…

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