that far off time is now

Diary ROCKS!

Like she says, think again when you’re putting your child’s business out there to “help others”. Privacy belongs to EVERYONE – including, if not ESPECIALLY children. Always ask yourself, if it were posted about YOU, would you be OK with it? If the answer is close to no – and please don’t add “but” – then stop. Blur the pictures, change your name, whatever you need to do to PROTECT your child. Because they are our FIRST priority – the rest of the internet will survive without their personal struggles laid bare.

a diary of a mom


{image is a photo of the guests at Brooke’s (self-planned) surprise birthday party last year. To protect their privacy, their faces are covered by hearts.}

Brooke is pointing at the picture on the computer screen.

“Who is that friend who is at my party?” she asks.

I look carefully, squint a little. “Hmm, I’m not sure,” I say, “maybe Kelli?”

“That’s Kelli,” she says, pointing at another girl in the photo. “Which friend is THIS?”

I take another stab at it, get it wrong again.

“You would take the hearts off, please,” she says. “So I will see the friends.”

I look to see where she’s viewing the picture, assuming that she’d found it while scrolling through iPhoto. I’m shocked when I realize where she’s actually looking.

“Are you reading Diary?” I ask.

“I’m looking for my friends at my surprise party,” she says.

Luau will later tell me that…

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