a world without boxes

A whopping big yes to this!

a diary of a mom

“Pointless bottling emotions of endless frustration cause words to wither in the recesses of the mind. Biting becomes the only way to stay rooted, but causes everyone watching to respond in loud voices of angry fear. Until there is understanding, you are alone in the terrible confusion of other people’s voices that are louder than yours.

Caution is needed whenever we decide we know what is in the mind of another human being.”

Emma Zurcher Long, once again striking a chord that resonates so deeply in my soul that I simply must share it.

I used to say that we – that I – had a responsibility to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I don’t say that anymore.

This is precisely why.

Our responsibility, our mission my mission, is to do everything in our power to find a way for everyone to communicate in his or…

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