Geek culture is my home too.

Really great post – lots of truth!

The "Diane is weird" files

I was ten years old when I found out I was a geek.

I’d just gotten my IQ test back and I knew I was smart. I’d also gotten the worst of my bullying then, and I knew I was a social outcast.

I didn’t know how to behave. TV had no idea what we were like, and I mostly went to smaller schools. The most famous geek on TV was Steve Urkle. I shouldn’t have to explain why I felt like that wasn’t someone I wanted to emulate.

It was roughly 1991 and we visited my aunt and uncle in Virginia. I think we were in that lovely time period that the military gives you between moves because our family was leaving Maine and going to Germany. I think we stopped in Wyoming on the way. . .

But at my Aunt and Uncle’s house was someone who was…

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