Our tapestry

Respect is really the only way.

Roses are Red for Autism

Most people don’t know that non verbal autistics are of sound mind. Upon seeing us do moves like flapping, rocking, or moaning, they assume we are unintelligent. People then proceed to talk about us as if we don’t understand what they are saying. This means we have to endure horrible untruths being said about us without being able to respond. No wonder we run off to escape elope. No one can just sit and endure that without blowing a gasket.

Sometimes people ask mom questions about me like:

“Is he low functioning?”

“Is he in regular school?”

“Will he be able to live alone someday?”

“How do you cope with his autism?”

Or best yet,

“Is he violent?”

These are all both assumptions about autism and questions I could answer myself, if asked. Sometimes mom gives the wrong answer but she doesn’t mean to. Other times I want to answer…

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