in this together

It’s not about us. It’s about doing right by others, exercising care, and accepting that we make mistakes when we don’t mean to. And when we make those mistakes, we do our best to own them and change, not defensively react. Hard, but necessary.

a diary of a mom

We will return to New York tomorrow, I promise. In the meantime, the following was my response to a comment on yesterday’s post. I’m reprinting it here because I think it’s important. I’ve edited it slightly to make it a bit more readable than the original, which I had typed on my phone.


{image is a photo of Katie and Brooke three years ago. Brooke is hugging Katie and Katie is pointing at her and grinning at the camera. While the photo might not seem relevant, it is.}

Frankly, I believe that once we’ve acknowledged that a word (in this case, the word, “broken”) comes with weighty, hurtful implications, the conversation about who it’s “okay” to apply it to and who it’s not it is no longer necessary. In my view, once we’ve decided that a word is toxic, it’s time to stop applying it to anyone, no less the people we…

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