Treasures I found at the Thrift Shop: Autism and Understanding

What we know, and what we don’t know we don’t know, and what we don’t know what others know or don’t know. WHEW!

Thirty Days of Autism

Today my boy and I were skulking in a thrift store – hunting for treasures. It is one of our favourite pass-times: something we can do together, an adventure of sorts, and always there is the promise of finding something absolutely remarkable. For me that would be some lovely 1940’s kitsch, movie memorabilia, photos or art, or old miscellaneous collectible bits and pieces. For H the treasure could include old movies or electronics, retro pop culture stuff, anything Star Wars or Star Trek, or even a really cool hat.

Today we were rummaging in the basement of a store that is the depository for the unwanted items from any number of local thrift stores. The search requires sorting through mounds of junk, loosely organized into boxes so that it remains on the tables (mostly) but with no thought to reining in the chaos beyond that. It is a bit…

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