So I actually *am* autistic, but I still maintain that you aren’t helping!

Food for thought – we neurotypicals sometimes really need to get out of the way.

The "Diane is weird" files

Things have been silent recently. I’ve been a bit busy and also I’ve been going in for some testing. Yesterday I’ve had to face a reality that I’ve been cringing away from for years. Namely, that I am actually on the autistic spectrum.

Ideally I’d have been diagnosed when my mother brought me into the doctor as a small child. She knew I was weird.

But way back then, I didn’t fit the diagnostic criteria. Autism was split into several separate disorders, most of which were fairly unknown. Autism, Aspergers, etc.

A few years ago, though, they collapsed all of the disorders into one diagnosis. Autism Spectrum Disorder. They made the criteria much more broad.

So the picture of autism, and Aspergers that I fought for so long is not the diagnosis that I’ve gotten.

I am not Rain Man. I am not a savant, or a beautiful genius who…

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