I Can’t Do Everything: Autistic in the ER

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The Unpuzzled Project

The following is a submission that deals with an autistic person’s experience in the hospital. If this would be triggering to you, please use your discretion to decide whether or not to read it. –Elliott

I was accepted into the hospital as “an autistic person not behaving appropriately.” This meant I was stimming (flapping hands and pacing) to deal with a trigger (flickering and flashing lights), and had been hitting my head on the wall and pounding my fists against my head. I didn’t see fit to correct anyone as they labeled me in this overly-simplified this way in that moment. It’s not my job to let my own suffering be a constant source of teaching moments.

In hindsight, and now that I am feeling better, I realize how often I am treated like this and that it is a problem. After being taken by ambulance to the hospital, staff…

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