the cause of stimming.

Great list – great perspective!


This is about why aspies stim.

i do a lot of things, and they are here. This blog was one i wrote about it a while back. like now i have 2 new ones. i whistle which drives everyone mad.

and i tap a new patter rhythm really fast with all 5 fingers. i can’t stop it.



Mum saw this picture today, and thought it was good!

I didn’t know the word for some of the moves and things i do now and i used to do…but now i have it.

It has to do with sensory issues. And with everybody autistic there is either way to much sensory things happen and you have to block them out, or not enough and you have to do some!

  • if i go into a quiet place…i turn on the TV and then i do whatever …
  • i hum…

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